Amazing Hemp Flower Deals On Pounds and Quarter-Pounds

Buying hemp flower in bulk has never been easier – or more wise. Now, thanks to the new supply, we can offer you the best hemp flower deals for a very low price!

New regulations are tightening the industry and could potentially lead to a limited amount of compliant products (with less than 0.3% total THC). That means top-shelf CBD hemp flower could be in less supply, and thus more expensive. However, until the new regulation will take effect, there is still enough time to find rare flower deals and stock-up on th best available hemp flowers. For this newsletter, we have found an incredible hemp flower deals on pound and quarter-pounds of high-grade hemp bud.

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The flower deal

There is limited information available about this CBD-rich industrial hemp flower strain, but we know it packs 13.409% total cannabinoids. That includes 11.277% CBD content, trace amounts of both CBC and CBG, and only 0.212% total THC, making it federally compliant and legal throughout the entire country.

It has been gown in the warm California sun, giving it a deep green color with strong auburn hairs. It has an intensely sweet aroma strong, is hand-trimmed, and features no seeds at all. 

The deal

We have an amazing wholesale deal that’s 50 percent off the regular price! Right now, you can buy large quantities of CBD Flower from our friends at Canovis Health for only $299/pound (16 ounces) or $109/QP (quarter-pound/4 ounces).

This is a great deal for consumers who want to re-up at a low price. You can save a ton of money by splitting this in half or even 3 or 4 ways with a group of friends. It’s a smart and cost-efficient way to stock up on high-quality CBD Flowers before the holiday season.

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