Curing CBD Flowers To Perfection, a Guide

Growing the perfect CBD flower takes a lot of time, patience, and care. That’s why top-class cannabis growers take their time when it comes to every stage of the delicate growing and drying process.

Curing CBD flowers is one of the most critical aspects of production. The long-term success of any hemp crop starts with the genetics of the seeds and how carefully they’re handled during the delicate fertilization stage. Then, it’s all about lighting, nutrients, environment and about a hundred other factors.

Once the crop has reached its full potential from a successful grow, the cultivator will cut off the stems that contain the flowers and leave there somewhere dry and cool for a few or so. However, according to many growers, the magic really happens during the curing stage; in this case and for this discussion, we’re talking about jar curing CBD flowers.

The most experienced growers will use jar curing during the final stages of their harvest. They claim the end product is more potent and longer-lasting if cured right. When it comes to curing THC or CBD-heavy cannabis or hemp flowers, the cannabinoid content increases throughout the curing process. Proper quality jar curing will also ensure that the aroma, flavor, appearance, and effects of the flowers will be better. That’s also in terms of smoothness when eventually smoked or vaporized.

Before flowers are cured, they are dry or wet trimmed by the grower. Dry trimming is when the plants are hung upside down. After drying, the buds are trimmed of their leaves before being placed into glass jars. Wet trimming is a process whereby the plant is cut as soon as it’s harvested, and when it’s still “wet.” Buds are typically dried by growers in dark, cool rooms where the temperature sits at an even 65F. A small fan inside the room circulates air to keep things fresh and then it’s a waiting game of around two weeks.

Jar curing is the most popular way for growers to perfect their crops after the drying process. After all that attention to detail and hard work, it’s vital that the buds are matured correctly and under the right conditions. For that, all that’s needed is some large wide-mouth glass mason jars (depending on your yield), a dark, cool, not overly humid room, and lots of patience.

It is possible to cure hemp flowers in plastic containers, but this practice is ill-advised. Oxygen is unable to flow properly inside plastic, and it also negatively affects various terpenes and oils in the buds themselves.

Best practices for perfectly curing CBD flowers – Four simple stages:

  • Stage 1 – Once your CBD flowers are dry but not too dry and have been manicured to your liking, go ahead and carefully place them inside glass mason jars. This should be done loosely until the jars are roughly 2/3 full.
  • Stage 2 – The airtight lids of the wide-mouth mason jars should be secured tightly. Then, it’s time to put those jars in a dark, cool, and not too humid place. A garage or outhouse can work as well as a suitably ventilated closet or space inside your home.
  • Stage 3 – While some controversy and differing of opinion surround step 3, the general rule of thumb is that the process of “burping” your CBD flowers is advisable. Burping simply means that you need to open your mason jars, two or three times a day, and leave them open for a few minutes to get some fresh air inside. However, this stage is only done for the first week of curing so that mold doesn’t develop.
  • Stage 4 – When the first week to ten days of regular burping is through, it’s to sit back and try to relax. Curing flowers takes time and patience and if you have both of those you’re on track for some top-shelf buds. After the initial week of curing, the mason jars should only be opened once every few days for a few minutes. This process can continue for 2-6 weeks, and the longer you leave the flowers to mature, the better.

If you follow the steps above, whether you grow your own CBD flowers or purchase them legally, you’ll get the most from your crops. Always remember to handle your CBD flowers in a safe and clean environment.

When in doubt, let them sit quietly in that dark space for a little longer. Some people even leave their flowers at different drying stages, to ensure they have top quality buds for the near future, and something to enjoy in the present.

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