Delta-8 THC Flowers: Everything You Need To Know.

Are Delta-8 THC Flowers hemp or marijuana? Does it get you high? Is it legal? How is it made? These are some of the questions you might be asking if you’ve just learned about this new and developing trend… and we have the answers.

When it comes to the cannabis industry, there’s always a new trend on the horizon. Remember when edibles first hit the shelves? Or when concentrates became a thing? Delta-8 THC Flowers are very different than marijuana high in Delta-9 that you can find in a dispensary. These two compounds are similar, but definitely not the same. And Delta-8 THC Flowers aren’t just a one-and-done type of product, there are many things that can be made from flowers, like prerolls, cigars, and concentrates.

There is always a new interesting product to looked out and the current flavor of the week is Delta-8 THC flowers. The name does a good job of explaining what you’re getting, flowers that are high Delta-8 THC; but there are still many unanswered questions remaining.

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Hemp or Marijuana?

When you hear THC, you probably thinking marijuana, but that would be incorrect in this case. Marijuana is high in Delta-9 THC, whereas Delta-8 THC flowers are actually hemp/CBD flowers, infused with Delta-8. The reason for that is because Delta-8 is only present in incredibly small quantities in cannabis plants, trace amounts, so the effects aren’t noticeable at all from smoking regular CBD flower.

To get higher concentrations of Delta 8, it needs to be isolated and extracted. The way Delta 8 Hemp Flowers are made is simple yet very innovative – CBD flowers sprayed with Delta-8 THC distillate. First the hemp flower needs to be prepped, meaning it needs to be properly trimmed with as much of the stem removed as possible.

Next, the distillate needs to be prepped so it can be sprayed over the buds. The distillate needs to be less viscous, which is the measure of a fluid’s resistance to flow. There are a variety of ways to do this, but the most common method is to add terpenes. Then the flower is put into a tumbler on a speed low enough to evenly distribute the distillate without breaking up the buds. And the last step, the Delta-8 THC is misted over the flowers.

Are Delta-8 THC Flowers Legal?

At the moment, yes they are, but only if the Delta-8 is extracted from hemp flowers. If it comes from marijuana flowers, then it would be illegal. Either way, even marijuana is on the fast track to getting legalized. This is the first election that both parties are talking about legalization with actual seriousness.

Delta 8 THC is legal in most states, all of those where THC or its analogues are legal. Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, and Nebraska are off limits. All other states are safe to order, so unless you live in one of the nine states mentioned above, you shouldn’t be worried about it.

How Do Delta-8 THC Flowers Feel?

The effects were relaxing, a bit elating, but overall mild. It’s basically just a lighter version of what I buy from a dispensary. I’m accustomed to using high-THC products from my local dispensaries, but I still get a mild buzz from Delta-8. Overall, it was a chill, creative, but not particularly “stoned” feeling. It is a much more physical high than the combined physical and mental effects you get from marijuana.

Delta-8 THC is the perfect alternative for anyone who enjoys smoking weed but may get anxiety or other unwanted effects from it. Delta-8 is also great if want to get a little bit “stoned” but have some type of obligation that would make you not be able to use products high in Delta-9. You wont feel paranoia, anxiety, or heart racing like with marijuana, but you will definitely feel more calm, and get some pain relief.

What About the CBD?

You may have heard that CBD can be used to tone down the effects of THC, and it’s not uncommon for people to use CBD to mellow out when they feel too high. However, in actual scientific research, the results of this theory are very inconsistent. In some cases, CBD worked as expected and reduced the effects of THC; but in other cases, CBD actually exacerbated the effects of the THC. The reason for this is because there are multiple different mechanisms through which CBD interacts with THC.

The first is by a pharmacokinetic mechanism, in which a molecule controls the effects of another molecule by inhibiting certain enzymes. CBD can boost bloods levels of THC by inhibiting the CYP2C9 enzyme, which is responsible for metabolizing THC. 

The second mechanism is via direct pharmacodynamics, during which a molecule controls the effects of another molecule by binding to the same receptor. In this scenario, CBD acts as a negative allosteric modulator and reduces the activation of the CB1 receptor, thereby reducing the effects of THC on these receptors.

The third mechanism is opposite of the second, and is when a molecule controls the effects of another molecule by binding to a different receptor.  For example, this is the mechanism at play when the myrcene terpene creates a sedative effect by acting at the GABA-A receptors. Or how CBD reduces anxiety by acting at the serotonin 5-HT1A receptor. A 2016 study found 8 different terpenes and 3 different cannabinoids that increase the potency of THC at the CB1 receptor through this mechanism.

In some studies, it has also been found that levels of THC were increased in the blood and brain of mice, when CBD was administered before the THC. So, timing is also a factor when it comes to determining the synergistic effects of THC and CBD, along with dose and cannabinoid ratio.

Are There Any Medical Benefits?

Yes, many as a matter of fact. From a chemical standpoint, there are only minor differences between Delta-9 molecules and Delta-8 molecules. Their formulas are very similar, but as is common in the world of chemistry, one minor change can make an entirely different compound.

Take into account the air around us. When we breathe, we are breathing in molecular oxygen, known on the periodic table as O2. This compound comprised of two oxygen molecules held together by a covalent bond. If you simply add one more oxygen molecule to the mix you now have O3, or ozone, which is a highly reactive gas, a form of pollution, that can cause serious health complications if we breathe it in.  

I’ll spare you all extra scientific details, but to give a brief overview, many studies dating back to 1974 when Professor Raphael Mechoulam was studying cannabinoids, indicate that Delta-8 is an extremely power immune system activator. It has also been observed shrinking tumors and completely eliminating nausea in patients who were sick from other medications.

Exactly What Kind of Smokable Delta-8 Products Are Out There?

Although Delta-8 products are very new, there is still quite a bit of variety in what you can find online. First, we have classic flowers, which I described above – CBD hemp flowers coated with Delta-8 THC. These can be purchased from numerous different vendors and you can find quite a few strains.

But what else can you find on the (virtual) store shelves? In addition to just raw flower, you can also purchase prerolled joints, usually about 1 gram in weight. If you want something more notable, however, you can even pick up a “cannagar”, which is a cigar filled with Delta-8 THC flowers. These can be anywhere from one eighth (3.5 grams) to one quarter (7 grams) in weight.

For those who want something a bit stronger, keep your eyes peeled for Delta-8 concentrates and vape pens. The liquid in the vape carts is quite concentrated and many people prefer vaping over old-fashioned smoking anyway. To learn more about Delta-8 THC Flowers and what products are available, subscribe to the Delta-8 Weekly Newsletter.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, a little bit of the science behind Delta 8 THC Flowers, as well answers to some of your burning questions. To quickly review, Delta-8 THC flowers are NOT marijuana, they are CBD hemp flowers infused with Delta 8. They are legal, in most states, and can be purchased online. There are also quite a few important medical benefits associated with Delta-8 THC.

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