High-CBD Flowers: Much-Needed Relief Without The High

Despite all the innovative new ways to consume cannabis-derived substances that the fast-moving cannabis industry has produced, getting your CBD straight from the cannabis plant is an efficient and effective method that is often overlooked.

High-CBD flowers, buds, dry herb, whatever you want to call it, CBD-rich dried cannabis flowers can be used in a myriad of ways – whether it’s to cook with, vape or smoke directly, or to make your own tincture or oil.

This raw material also offers a full-spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, something which isolated CBD and other extractions can lack.

High-CBD flowers give the user a lot of freedom over how they administer the CBD, as well as granting complete control over extraction methods, cooking ingredients, or vape juice additives.


As it is in its raw plant form, High-CBD flowers are highly versatile and can be used a variety of ways, such as making edibles, making your own vape juice, making your extraction or tinctures, smoking and vaping directly. This makes CBD-rich flowers a keen favourite of those who have some experience with cannabis, while those new to working with the plant may prefer a ‘ready-made’ product such as CBD oil or an edible.

Due to its versatility, CBD flowers are utilized by a people for a wide range of condition and reasons, from anxiety and depression to epilepsy and inflammation, and in a number of different forms, as mentioned above.


Every product comes with its own levels of CBD, but a recommended dose is 10mg once or twice a day, or as needed until symptoms are relieved or desired effects are attained. High-CBD flowers come in a variety of strengths and due to the nature of the product, accurate dosing can be quite difficult. It is, therefore, wise to start with a small dose and increase you see fit.


  • Versatile
  • Natural
  • Offers control over extraction etc.


  • Inaccurate dosing
  • Experience with cannabis advisable

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