High-CBD Hemp Flowers Are Sweeping Through America

Have you ever vaped a CBD bud? Have you tried smoking a hemp flower?

Under the radar, High-CBD hemp flowers are now gaining huge popularity among cannabis smokers, looking for a subtle alternative. The hand-picked hemp buds, which are very rich in CBD content and low in THC, taste and smell exactly like the real thing and are probably, the healthiest tobacco alternative available.

High-CBD hemp flowers, known for their ‘body high’ subtle effect, are now spreading throughout the United States. These low-THC hemp flowers, sometimes referred to as ‘Marijuana-light’, are made from 100% industrial hemp grown in organic hemp farms. The high levels of CBD in the hemp flowers offer a notable relaxation effect on the mind and body, and an authentic taste and smell, similar to that of the real thing, giving a true sense of authenticity.

Special Sauce CBD Flower

Unlike regular hemp flowers, grown to be extracted, these full spectrum CBD Hemp Flowers are treated exactly like cannabis flowers and are harvested by hand and dried naturally before they are processed, trimmed and sorted. Each one of these high quality hemp flowers has a different look and smell and provides slightly different effects, exactly like regular cannabis buds differ from strain to strain.

High-CBD flowers are derived from the highest quality hemp strains. While in the EU, they source the highest quality EU-certified hemp buds from around Europe, meeting regulatory requirements,  in the US they are bred specifically to yield high CBD and low THC contents.

While many smoke or vape these buds for recreational use, as an alternative for their evening joint, others use high-CBD hemp flowers for a quick pain relief and relaxation solution. Many choose to do so, since they feel they need something stronger and faster acting than CBD oils, tinctures or softgels which they may have tried in the past.

High-CBD hemp flowers have a total CBD of minimum 8-10%, which, as a result of the vaping delivery system, provides a fast and effective CBD experience.

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