Top Three Portable Vaporizers For Microdosing Hemp Flowers

Microdosing is a tried and tested way of taking cannabis or hemp flowers in tiny doses as part of a medicinal and holistic regime. We’ve handpicked three of the best portable vaporizers for Microdosing, so you can medicate whenever and wherever you like.

People use cannabis and hemp flowers for a variety of different reasons. Some prefer a hard-hitting bong hit or puff on the pipe just before bed to ensure a good night’s sleep. Others prefer a light and uplifting Sativa strain in the morning hours to get their day started right. Fortunately, these days, as cannabis legalization takes off in North America and beyond, and the farm bill has made hemp legal country-wide, there are many options at your disposal when it comes to using cannabis or CBD for any purpose. This article will compare the top portable vaporizers for microdosing and help you identify the best one(s) for you.

Having the right vaporizer is not enough, unless you get the some good flowers to vape…
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Doctors working in the field of research recently found that a tiny dose of the psychoactive compound in magic mushrooms, Psilocybin, can help to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. This same principle applies to Microdosing with hemp flowers, and many people with different conditions swear by this method. When you Microdose with CBD you simply take the smallest dose possible in vape form (also possible in theory with smoking and edibles, but much harder to control) throughout the day or as and when required.

However, when you smoke hemp flowers in a joint or pipe, it’s almost impossible to Microdose as there’s no such thing as half a puff. That’s not to mention that you get a strong hit of the dried flower when combusting at high temperatures directly into the lungs.

When you Microdose with vaporizers specially designed for dry flowers you have a lot more control over the experience than if you smoke. You can preset the temperature, for example, and that makes a huge difference when it comes to Microdosing.

The principle is simple – you grind a small hemp flower into the bowl of the vaporizer and then set the vaping temperature nice and low in order to Microdose. We have selected three of the best available portable vaporizers for microdosing, along with a full explanation of how to achieve the best results from each device.

Best portable vaporizers for microdosing


The Mighty is a device from Storz and Bickel, made in Germany and with a sizeable cult-like following of aficionados. The Crafty is the Mighty’s smaller brother but packs the same kind of punch. These vaporizers are a great option when it comes to Microdosing CBD flowers.

Firstly, these are convection vapes, meaning your breath is what draws the hot air over the dry material and smoothly into the lungs. The Mighty and the Crafty also come with neat dosing capsules (which you can see in the image) that can be popped in the vape bowl for maximum efficiency, neatness, and effect. You can put as little as 0.1g in the capsule and get around 3-4 long draws.

Portable vaporizers for microdosing - Mighty / Crafty

When I Microdose CBD Flowers with my Mighty, I set it to 368F on the screen and wait for the device to heat up. I’ll then go ahead and take two longish puffs from the mouthpiece to achieve my sweet spot. The beauty of this is that I can take one puff less or a few puffs more if my back injury or anxiety is playing up more than usual. Long gone are the days of reaching for the prescription medication in my life. I usually just reach for the Mighty, and that takes care of business.

Firefly 2/Firefly 2+

Firefly just came out with their latest addition, the Firefly 2+. This device is almost the same as the original Firefly 2 only with some minor tweaks like increased airflow. This device is really for cannabis and CBD connoisseurs and is not the most simple to perfect in terms of technique. However, once you get over that learning curve and master it, the FF2 delivers some of the most potent and tasty vapor on the market.

Two little sensor buttons control the FF2 on the device which heats up the plant material to the preset temperature within 3 seconds. A long glass vapor path ensures that the experience is super smooth and noticeably milder than other similar vaping devices. I love using my Firefly 2 for Microdosing and will do so when I want to enjoy the flavor of my indoor hemp flowers and also feel deeper, more rounded effects.

Portable vaporizers for microdosing - Firefly 2 / Firefly 2+

Overall, the Firefly 2 just seems to pack a harder punch than other devices I’ve used, so here’s how I Microdose with it. The temperature is controlled and set by a neat and easy-to-use app, powered by Bluetooth. I’ll set my Firefly device particularly low, at between 350-360F. I’ll put around 0.2g of medium-ground herbs into the bowl as that’s what’s needed to ensure a solid hit. With the FF2, I’ll take one ten second draw when I want to Microdose; any more than that and I start feeling a little bit too relaxed.


The Dynavap range has been hugely successful since it was invented back in 2015. Dynavaps look like one-hitters, or “bats” as they used to be known. There’s some impressive technology in the titanium cap that ensures the plant material in the bowl only vaporizes and doesn’t combust. It differs from conventional vaporizers in that you need a butane lighter to heat it.

Some people and many ex-smokers want to get away entirely from anything to do with combustion and fire, and that’s why they choose battery-powered vaporizers. Then again, there are also those (like me) who enjoy the rigmarole associated with a bit of fire and enjoy that experience. I have a few different Dynavaps in my arsenal, including an XL wooden piece and the OG all Titanium Omnivap.

Portable vaporizers for microdosing - Dynavap

With the Omnivap range, the screen inside the bowl is adjustable, and the smallest setting works great for Microdosing purposes. Dynavaps are possibly the best and certainly the most efficient way to Microdose. The screen has three settings, as mentioned. The biggest one fits around 0.1g of dry herb. But when you click that screen to the smallest setting, you can use just 0.025g of herbs.

That is unprecedented as far as I know in the world of vaping and defines the concept of Microdosing. When I Microdose with my Vapcaps (which I do daily) I’ll keep the flame nice and far from the cap for a slow heat up and will heat it towards the tip to ensure lower temperatures when vaped. Just one puff will do me on this device, and if I need another one, I’ll just go ahead and heat the cap again.

Final Thoughts

If you’re interested in healthily taking CBD Flowers and want to cut out all the smoke, ash and burning paper from the equation, vaping is a great choice. If you also happen to want to try Microdosing instead of your usual regime, then vaping is a great way if not the best way to do that.

Always ensure you watch vaporizer reviews online and read some customer reviews from verified buyers before you purchase the vaporizer you’re interested in. Also, when it comes to CBD flowers, always try to take a peek at the third-party lab results that should accompany any flowers worth their salt – whether purchased online or from a legal dispensary.

Photo credits: Steven Bridge

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