The Price Of Premium Hemp Flowers Has Dropped

As the latest harvest finally arrived, the price of premium hemp flowers has dropped to $3/g

Until recently, the price of premium hemp flowers was steady around $10/g. Now, as the latest harvest finally arrived, the price has begun to drop and we can offer the subscribers of the Recreational CBD Weekly premium high-CBD hemp flowers for as low as $3/g.

With CBD levels up to 18% and THC levels below the legal minimum, high-quality hemp flowers are priceless. These hand-picked, seedless, trimmed, well-cured hemp buds are considered by many to be among the best CBD products, due to the health benefits they offer. As supply has finally arrived, we can now offer our readers exclusive deals on premium high-CBD hemp flowers. Subscribe today to the Recreational CBD Weekly newsletter and get your premium hemp flowers, for half of the price they were before.

Price Of Premium Hemp Flowers Is Dropping

The latest harvest was a very good one. The quality of premium hemp flowers has never been better with CBD levels high above what we used to get from this plant. After many long months of supplies being limited and out-of-stock messages everywhere, there is finally enough supply to answer the growing demand for quality CBD flowers.

New websites trying to enter the promising CBD market are established daily, and new products are announced. This year we expect the focus to be on the ‘Recreational CBD‘ products, led by high-CBD hemp flowers, CBD vapes and terpene-infused isolates. Another big change from last year is the inclusion of ‘medicinal CBD’ products, such as CBD oil, softgels, patches, topicals and inhalers. These great products dominate the market now, however, because of possibly changing regulation in the future, medicinal CBD products may have to either be labeled as a ‘medicine’ or avoid being labeled as a treatment at all. I believe that within the next 8 months, many of these companies will choose the easier path of becoming a ‘recreational CBD product’, leaving the medicinal world to rich pharma companies which are currently investing in patents, clinical trials, and lawyers.

Back to CBD flowers. Until recently, the main problem was that there wasn’t enough product to supply the demand, so prices remained high and everyone made money. This is changing as we speak. Since the last harvest has arrived, a price war has begun and the prices in the industry are changing rapidly.

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From 1 gram to 1 Oz

In an effort to preserve their margin, many online shops have turned from selling single flowers for $9/g-10/g, into the new 7g jars, sold for $39.99 ($5.7/g). Now, as hemp farmers are coming in with superior products, the new trend is to offer 1 Oz (28g) for a round $100.

Add to that the exclusive discounts we offer to our subscribers of the CBD Flowers Weekly newsletter, you can get these premium flowers today, for as low as $3/g.

Just in time for the holidays (where no amount of CBD is ever enough to deal with all the stress) you can stock up on all your favorite strains for half of the price you used to pay before.

It’s still too early to know if this low price is the new bottom as the market is always changing. However, as more and more people experience the many benefits vaping hemp flowers can offer, we will likely see more hemp farmers selling their products directly to consumers online, pushing the price down further.


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