Top 5 CBD Flower Strains of Summer 2020

Summer is here, and while it’s definitely quite different from last summer, one thing remains the same – we’re chilling and smoking.

Okay, so chilling and smoking isn’t necessarily a summer activity, but it’s definitely something that adds to the whole vibe during this time of year. Spending more time outdoors, swimming, grilling, hiking, or whatever you like to do while it’s warm and sunny out, it seems that taking a break to roll one up and smoke a little always takes things up a notch.

We know that the “best” strain is always subjective to your personal tastes, but here’s a list of our favorite summer CBD Flower strains that we think you’ll enjoy. And we’re not alone, all of these strains have amazing reviews from smokers all over the country!

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Legendary OG

Legendary OG is a new strain but has easily worked its way to the top of our list. This strain has Kush genetics and it’s quite noticeable upon lighting up. The taste is potent and the effects are heavy for a CBD flower strain.

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The buds are large with a vibrant green color and they’re rich with orange hairs and trichomes. Some of the buds even have a purplish tint, indicating that they were grown in a slightly colder climate. Once again, it’s a strong strain that generally hovers around 18 to 20 percent CBD. Legendary OG is great for managing pain, helping with sleep, and just overall relaxation.

The flavor is quite different than most of the CBD flower strains I’ve tried so far this summer. It starts off with a citrusy taste, then finished off with a distinct, gasoline-like, diesel flavor. If that sounds unappealing to you, just think Chemdawg, and extremely popular and delicious strain that’s known for its diesel taste.  

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Blue Dream

One of my personal favorite strains. Both the THC-dominant and the CBD-dominant versions (CBD-dominant being discussed here) have amazing flavor. The strain was originally created in California by crossing Blueberry with Haze. It’s a West-Coast classic.

Typical Blue Dream buds are very light green, somewhat dense, and covered in orange hairs and crystals. Blue Dream CBD Flower has high levels of cannabidiol, usually around 16 to 18 percent, so it’s quite effective. Blue Dream, even the THC-dominant variety, is a traditional sativa strain, so prepare for a creative, enlightened, and uplifting high.

As the name indicates, Blue Dream has some nice, blueberry-flavored terps along with some earthy tones to round out its unique flavor profile. Anyone who enjoys Blue Dream will tell you that it definitely has an unmistakable taste, one that you usually can recognize right away.

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Grape Ape

Grape Ape is yet another popular strain that you can find in both the CBD and THC markets. Regardless of which type you prefer, you can anticipate a strain that really packs a punch, in both the effects and flavor departments.

Purple strains are extremely popular

This strain is also a bit heavier, and it hails from parent strains Mendocino Purps (another California favorite) and Skunk, a strain with Afgani origins. Both of these strains are amazing on their own, but combined – wow, is all I can say.

The flavor is both fruity and musky. The smoke hits hard, like many purple strains do, but the flavor is smooth and it leaves a nice, lingering aftertaste. The appearance of this strain varies greatly based on the grower. Some buds have a deep foresty-green look to them, while others are almost entirely purple. Most are mix of green and purple with some nice orange hairs.

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Hawaiian Haze

The tropical terpenes and energetic cerebral effects of this popular CBD flower strain just screams “summer!” It’s a mix of Hawaiian and Haze genetics and the buds are light green, airy and fluffy. It’s a great daytime strain that can be used to treat anxiety, relieve stress, and just put you in a great place to get through a busy day.

This strain does have a THC-dominant doppleganger, as do a few others on this list, but this is also one of the most well-known CBD flower strains on the market. It was one of the first strains to really gain a following in the hemp flower sector.

Despite being known for being a creative and elevating strain, it also has some nice body effects. Hawaiian Haze is a great strain to manage aches and pains while remaining functional. It has a great mix of terpenes that produce a wonderful and unique flavor with hints of mango, papaya, and pineapple.

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Sour Space Candy

Sour Space Candy is well-known and easily available CBD flower strain that’s been tried and reviewed by many smokers across the country. It’s a pleasant tasting strain with dense, medium to large-sized nugs that are typically light to medium green in color. It’s sticky too, so it rolls up nicely in joint or blunt.

Light green buds with orange hairs are usually smooth

The strain smells great and a refreshing flavor with hints of lemon, diesel, and grass. It’s perfect for daytime use as the effects are uplifting and light. Users report feeling relief from anxiety and stress, while remaining highly functioning and alert throughout the day.

This cross between Sour Tsunami and Resin Berry has been around since the early days of the CBD flower craze, but it’s still a top-rated strain and perfect to have around for some summer festivities. Roll it up or pack it, take a few hits, and feel the happy energy flow through you.

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Final Thoughts

I said it before and I’ll stay it again, the best strain is whatever strain YOU prefer. But if you’re looking to try something new this summer, you can’t go wrong with one of the CBD flower strains mentioned above.

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Alexandra Hicks
Alexandra is the managing editor and lead writer at She has always been interested in alternative and natural remedies, and the versatility of cannabis as a healing plant is something that greatly appeals to her. It's for this reason that she decided to work as a cannabis industry journalist and editor, to help spread accurate information about the benefits of this plant.


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