What to Do If You Get Too Stoned

To the seasoned cannabis user, the thought of getting too stoned seems like a very distant memory. I remember when I first started smoking, getting so baked that I was literally stuck on the couch for hours (or what seemed like hours) just lost in my own thoughts.

Nowadays, with the introduction of extremely high THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) strains and concentrates that can have upwards of 90 percent cannabinoid content, it’s becoming possible for even the most experienced bud smoker to get way higher than they bargained for – also known as Greening Out.

Symptoms of Greening Out can include:

  • Hunger (Munchies)
  • Fatigue
  • Lightheaded/dizziness
  • Dry mouth and eyes (cotton mouth)
  • Headache
  • Inability to focus
  • Paranoia/anxiety

Keep in mind that many of these symptoms can be exacerbated by your setting and level of comfort.

So, what are the easiest ways to curb an unwanted high? There are quite a few options, but what you’ll choose will depend on where you are and what have access to. For example, if you’re in the comfort of your own home, there will be a lot more ways to get rid of your high than if you’re out and about.

Here are a few of the the most effective and convenient ways to chill out when you’re feeling too stoned.

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1. Remain calm

I can’t emphasize this enough. If you’re too high, and especially if you start feeling anxious, the best possible thing you can do for yourself is to not let your thoughts run wild. Try and do something that keeps you calm and relaxed. If you’re greening out and start getting paranoid, it can be easy to get lost in the sauce and let things get worse. Just try to remind yourself that this won’t last forever, your high should pass within the hour, and everything is alright.

2. Eat/drink water

I swear, anytime a friend of mine has any kind of issue with something, I tell them to drink water. Feeling nauseous? Try drinking some water. Got a headache? Some water should clear that up for you. It sounds like a dismissive fix, but it’s really not, considering our bodies are made up of 60 percent water. When you get too stoned, some water a bit of nutrients in the form of a healthy snack might be all you need to bring back to reality. Many people feel hungry – or get the munchies – from smoking marijuana anyway, and food has been reported to diminish the high a bit, even completely for some.

3. Take a shower

Honestly not sure why this works, maybe because of the water getting into your pores and the relaxation from the heat and steam. Either way, showers do work for soothing a too-extreme high. That said, we know it’s not always a convenient option if you’re not at your own home or a friend’s house where you feel comfortable.

4. Lay down/nap

This goes without saying, as sleeping is a sort of reset button for any minimal discomforts we may be experiencing. More often than not, if you get too high, get paranoid, get a headache, etc., taking a nap will clear that all up. Unfortunately, this is usually not an option, since you have to be at home and have the time and no other obligations to pull off a midday/evening nap.

5. Black Pepper (smell/eat)

Okay so this one sounds a bit weird, but it actually works. It hasn’t been studied on any level, but anecdotal evidence from many, many stoners indicates that it works. Most famously, Neil Young suggested it to Howard Stern during a 2014 interview, in which Stern admitted that smoking marijuana makes him paranoid. “Try black pepper balls if you get paranoid, just two or three pieces. I just found this out myself, try it,” Young mentioned. All you need to do is smell or chew on a few peppercorns, and it should pacify your high rather quickly.

6. Take a walk

Sometimes all you need to get your mind right again is a change of scenery. Taking a walk is relaxing, but also a healthy form of exercise that gets your blood flowing. It’s also nice to be outside, getting some fresh air and some time for yourself to get all your thoughts in order. However, if you’re too stoned and actually feeling lightheaded or dizzy, it might be best to hold off on the walking and just relax, lay down if possible.

7. Try some CBD

A little-known fact about CBD (cannabidiol) is that it counters the high of THC when taken in larger, concentrated doses. If you have any oil, or a CBD vape pen, or even some CBD hemp flowers, these products can be used to lower your high and reduce any of the more anxious or nervous symptoms. CBD is legal in all 50 states, and it’s completely non-intoxicating.

8. Replace Delta-9 with Delat-8 THC

Another way to avoid getting “too high” is to replace your existing THC source from Delta-9 THC to a more uplifting but still relaxed Delta 8 THC. By choosing Delta-8 THC you can remain focused and maintain your daily activities as it is “softer on the mind”, so less THC telated anxiety. Think about it as a step between CBD and THC, with plenty of medical benefits and emotional advantages.
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Final Thoughts

Hopefully one of the above suggestions will be enough to help you in your time of need – when you’re greening out, too stoned, too high, or whatever you want to call it. If you try everything from the list that you possibly can and you’re still too high, then you might have to seek medical advice from a professional that you trust. The most likely medical intervention you’ll encounter is IV fluids and maybe some kind of medication for anxiety. However, now that we’re in the COVID-19 era, there may be some additional precautions like testing and isolation, so that’s something to keep in mind.

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Alexandra Hicks
Alexandra is the managing editor and lead writer at CBDFlowers.co. She has always been interested in alternative and natural remedies, and the versatility of cannabis as a healing plant is something that greatly appeals to her. It's for this reason that she decided to work as a cannabis industry journalist and editor, to help spread accurate information about the benefits of this plant.


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