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Get FREE SAMPLE of Top Shelf CBD Flower – No Purchase Necessary

Yes, you read that correctly! Act now and you can get a free 1/8 of high-quality CBD flowers, all you need to pay for is shipping. As a thank...

One with Nature – Marijuana and Hemp in the Great Outdoors

Summer is officially here and for many people that means connecting with nature and heading into the great outdoors. While we’re living in these unprecedented times marked by a...

Cannabis Stores Looted in Numerous States as Protests Against Police Violence Continue

All across the country, cannabis shops in legal states were looted as intense protests rage on throughout the United States. Let’s start by getting this out of the way...

First Time Visiting a Cannabis Dispensary? Here Are a Few Things to Keep in Mind

Recreational cannabis is legal in 11 states and medical is legal in 33 states, and we can expect that number to grow to 50 and 50 within the next few years.

Cannabis Legislation Moves Forward Across the U.S. – Revenues Continue to Soar – What Else Does the Future Hold?

Despite steep headwinds facing the cannabis industry and the high priority placed on getting COVID-19-related legislation passed, federal cannabis reform efforts, as well as sales and revenues in various sectors of the industry, are in...

A Beginner’s Guide To Growing CBD Flowers: Part 1, The Basics

With everyone on social isolation, businesses shutdown, and some mild uncertainty in the cannabis/hemp industry, what better time than now to work on your green thumb and start your own home-grow?