Get Informed: The Top 10 Cannabis Podcasts to Follow in 2020

Podcasts have surged in popularity over the last few years and they offer a fresh, user-friendly way to get detailed and informed cannabis-related content while on the go.

Whether you’re out working in the yard, doing some chores around the house, traveling on your daily commute, or simply hanging around and getting stoned, a good podcast can make the perfect accessory. When it comes to long-format content, cannabis podcasts offer the ease and versatility you just can’t get from printed materials or videos. Both of the latter options require a certain level of attention and concentration – sitting there and watching or reading – but with a podcast you can get a wealth of information while allowing you the freedom to complete numerous other tasks.  

As far as cannabis information goes, there is so much to learn and so many different niches and topics to choose from, and best believe you can find a podcast to match any of your varied needs. Podcast subject matter can include politics, latest news, technological and scientific developments, business practices, legal information, cultivation, and so much more (and sometimes a mix of it all)!

And perhaps best of all, podcasts have become a safe space for people who want to share unfiltered news and information about all things pertaining to cannabis. A huge number of professionals, advocates, and creatives are taking advantage of this medium to deliver raw and exciting content to listeners who are eager to learn more.

Here, we’ve narrowed it down to the top 10 cannabis podcast that we found to be the most unique and informative.

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Marijuana Today            

Marijuana Today covers topics relating to the business and politics of marijuana. It’s a “nerdy and in-depth discussion” for anyone who want to learn more about marijuana from industry insiders. Each week, Marijuana Today hosts high-quality and informative conversations about all the latest industry developments, politics surrounding U.S. legalization, and how public policy has worked thus far.

According to host Kris Lotlikar, “We find the new marijuana markets opening across the country and the fall of marijuana prohibition to be a unique and fascinating development which we will likely not see again in our lifetime. For this podcast, we bring together some of the top experts in the country in a variety of subject areas, many of whom have been working together to reform marijuana laws for a long time.”

Ask the Stoner Mom

This is one of the more unique cannabis podcasts, in my opinion, and not just because I, too, am a also a stoner mom. I also find the format to be more unique, as each episode focuses entirely on a specific question as by one of their listeners. Subscribers have commented that listening to this show feels like you’re just smoking with your friends and having a casual conversation about cannabis.

The goal is to focus on responsible cannabis use, especially for those in charge of caring for young children and other dependents, all while participating in a lighthearted discussion about the evolution of cannabis culture.


This is Israel’s leading medical cannabis podcast, hosted by Heli Dangur and Narkis Tessler. They formed this show with the primary goal of educating and empowering the medical cannabis community by offering international exposure to Israel’s groundbreaking technology, R&D, and innovation.

They have hosted a slew of highly knowledgeable scientists and professionals including Haleli Sharir, PhD and VP of R&D at Cannabics Pharmaceuticals, Professor Nissim Garti from the Casali Institute of Applied Chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and the ‘Godfather of Cannabis Research’ himself, Raphael Mechoulam.

Vote Pro Pot Cast

Vote Pro Pot Cast brings to their 9,000 regular listeners, an interesting take on cannabis legalization. In addition to exploring current and upcoming bills and legislation, the primary focus of this show is cannabis-related court battles. Despite the serious subject matter, this show is full of cheeky political humor to keep you fully engaged.

Each episode delves into a topic related to the legalization of cannabis, be it new bills being proposed and passed throughout the country, expert opinions on the legalization issues, and information on how to safely-navigate the new and confusing world of legal cannabis sales and products.  


The CannaInsider is another hard-hitting podcast that focuses on more serious topics relating to the ever-changing cannabis industry. This weekly show covers everything relevant this developing market such as emerging trends, new technologies, and some of the science behind all the new cannabis-infused products we’ve been seeing.

Mainly focused on B2B, this podcast appeals to nearly everyone who has a financial stake in the industry and anyone interested in learning about this innovations and advances that keep this industry growing faster than most others – business owners and retailers, tech developers, scientists, and many more are among the show’s 7,000+ regular listeners.

Dude Grows Show

In every legal cannabis market, consumers have the option to legally grow a few of their own plants. If you can get into a good cycle, you’ll have high-quality weed year round that is grown in the comfort and safety of your own home. Aside from some initial startup costs, you’ll likely save a lot of money in the long run growing your own buds at home.

Dude Grows Show covers topics relating to cannabis culture, news, and more specifically, cultivation. Great for those who are already passionate about growing as well as anyone who is interested in learning more on this topic. Every episode if full of information to help you maximize your indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse grows.

The Cannabis Diversity Project with Tahir Johnson

Despite being viewed as a more “open” and “forward thinking” industry, there is still a noticeable lack of diversity when it comes to cannabusiness ownership and management. Having minimal access to the business is yet another set back in a list of many, as minority communities have long been disenfranchised in the United States – with the government often using cannabis a weapon against them.

Every week, Tahir Johnson, manager of the National Cannabis Industry Associations Diversity, Equity and Inclusion program hosts his show, the Cannabis Diversity Project, to discuss these exact topics. Tahir interviews numerous different cannabis industry stakeholders, advocates, and allies to highlight their own personal experiences – challenges, successes, and more – as minorities in the cannabis industry.

Weed + Grub

A match made in heaven, right? Good food and good weed. Hosts Mike Glazer and Mary Jane Gibson mainly discuss cannabis and food, but also have insightful conversations and really any other topic that comes to mind – cannabis and sex, cannabis and culture, even business and political issues. These two have a good radio chemistry and are both incredibly knowledgeable about these subjects.

Glazer is well-known in the food industry and has even been hired to cook for Gordon Ramsey’s The F Word. Gibson has cannabis industry cred as a writer and editor for the culture section at High Times magazine, the oldest cannabis publication that is still currently in circulation.

Periodic Effects

Periodic Effects currently has a smaller reach than many of the other podcasts on this list; but those who follow this weekly show praise it as an excellent source of scientific and business-inclined cannabis content. The show is hosted by CEO and Founder of Periodic Edibles, a company that manufactures cannabis-infused caramels.

Topics covered by this podcast include benefits of certain cannabinoids, the dangers of synthetics, vape bans, and future outlooks – all with an entertaining, but very research-oriented tone. This podcast is perfect for anyone who would like a straightforward take on the science behind the business, and some information on where the industry is headed.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there’s certainly a variety of cannabis industry podcasts to choose from, so you’ll always be able to find something that meets your specific needs. There are so many other amazing shows we didn’t get to cover in this article, did your favorite make the list? If not, we’d love to hear which cannabis podcasts you can’t live without and why; drop us a line in the comment section below!

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Alexandra Hicks
Alexandra is the managing editor and lead writer at She has always been interested in alternative and natural remedies, and the versatility of cannabis as a healing plant is something that greatly appeals to her. It's for this reason that she decided to work as a cannabis industry journalist and editor, to help spread accurate information about the benefits of this plant.


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