How To Choose Delta-8 THC Edibles?

When it comes to recreational hemp products, Delta-8 THC products are the most popular ones. The two leading products in this category are Delta-8 THC vape carts, and Delta-8 THC edibles. In this article we will discuss How to choose the best Delta-8 THC edibles?

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Why should you choose Delta 8 THC edibles?

Before moving to the list of Delta-8 THC edibles, available for you to try, we should first ask if Delta-8 THC edibles are the best products for you?

The first thing to keep in mind before buying cannabis edibles, is that unlike Delta-8 THC vape carts, Delta-8 THC flowers or Delta-8 THC dabs, that all have an almost instant effect, Delta-8 THC edibles will require a longer time to kick in, sometimes between 60-90 minutes. On the other hand, edibles are best for someone looking for long lasting effects, as it stays in your body for a much longer time than smokables do.

It is also noted that the two delivery methods (edibles vs smokables) produce a different experience, so your best choice might be to try them both and see for yourself what’s working best for you.

What to avoid when choosing Delta-8 THC edibles

All cannabinoid based products are made by first extracting hemp or cannabis. There is a long list of unwanted substances that could be added to the extract in the process (either by the extraction mechanism itself, or coming from the raw material, in cases plant growing conditions are less than optimal), so look for the COA (Certificate Of Analysis / test results) and make sure that the end product is clean. You can learn here how to read test results.

The second thing you should look for is the level of sugar. It is a candy, true, so it is going to be sweet, but too sweet comes with a price. If you plan to consume a lot of it, or take it on a daily basis, ask yourself if you want to get high on sugar or on Delta-8 THC… After trying both of them, for a long time, I have came to realize that Cannabinoids are much safer than sugar, so try to go low on sugar and pick a product that is guilt-free as possible.

When those two are taken care off, you still have few more questions to answer, such as are natural vs artificial, organic vs non-organic, GMO vs GMO-free.
This is more of a personal choise, but the variety is big enough to find a product that is perfect just for you.

The best deals on Delta-8 THC edibles

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500mg Delta-8 THC Gummies – Only $12/bag

500mg Delta-8 THC Gummies - Only $12/bag - The best Delta-8 THC Edibles
500mg Delta-8 THC Gummies – Only $12/bag

If you are looking to save money on Delta-8 THC gummies, you can get 500mg D8 gummies for only $12/bag. This is a great opportunity for such a high-dosage product.

Unlikle other products, these Sour Gummies taste like sour without any hint of hemp taste. They are flat out delicious and deliver a bright pop of flavor with each bite.

Each bag contains 20 Sour Gummies of 25MG of Delta-8 THC in each, total 500mg.

Instructions: Choose the 10-pack and get the price down to as low as $12/bag

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Delta 8 THC Infused Honey – Only $2/stick

Delta-8 THC Honey - Only $2/stick - The best Delta-8 THC Edibles
Delta-8 THC Honey – Only $2/stick

Packed with 25mg of Delta-8 THC and an additional 25mg of CBD/CBG/CBC these Delta-8 THC honey sticks are a true winner.

Choose between: Sweetened Indica (for nighttime), Orange Honey with CBG (nighttime with additional CBG) and
Mothers Honey (for daytime).

Current deal: Choose between 1,3,7,20,50 or 100 sticks and take the price down to only $2/stick!

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Extra Strength Delta-8 THC Infused Brownies – Only $4/brownie

Extra Strength Delta-8 THC Infused Brownies - Only $4/brownie - The best Delta-8 THC Edibles
Extra Strength Delta-8 THC Infused Brownies – Only $4/brownie

This is something special, super full spectrum edibles, loaded with cannabinoids!

These Double Fudge Brownies (Fresh baked daily) are everything you could hope for in a brownie. These are extra stremgth products, so take them with responsibility!

Choose between: 500mg super full spectrum Fudge Brownie and 200mg super full spectrum sugar cookie.

Price: Only $4/brownie, when choosing the 12-pack.

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Delta-8 THC Cereal Treats – Only $6.6/treat

Delta-8 THC Cereal Treats - Only $6.6/treat
Delta-8 THC Cereal Treats – Only $6.6/treat

Sweet is not the only option, especially when it comes to Breakfast.

Check out these tasty line of breakfast treats. Each treat is 40-50mg of Delta-8 THC a piece, which is more than enough for even two people to split.

Choose between: Fruity Pebbles, Rice Krispie, Cinnamon Toast, Cocoa Pebbles, S’mores Treat & Captain Crunch.

Only $6.6/treat, when choosing the 3-pack

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Bulk Orders:

30% Discount On Organic Gummy Bears

30% Discount On Organic Gummy Bears
30% Discount On Organic Gummy Bears

If you want to get the best Delta-8 THC gummies for the lowest price, you should take advantage of this exclusive discount. All bulk orders of organic Delta-8 THC gummies are now coming with ad additional 30% discount, taking the price down to as low as $39/lb!

With aproximately 180 gummy bears per pound, you can get all the Delta-8 THC gummies you ever wanted… All that for a very small budget. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to stock-up on organic Delta-8 gummies, or need a reliable source for products.

Instructions: Choose 15mg bears, 5lb, and use coupon code 30now at checkout,for an additional 30% discount.

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