Here’s What You Need To Know About CBD Terpsolate

With hemp flowers taking hold across North America and other parts of the world, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with all the new innovations that are being sold. CBD terpsolates are one such product that’s a cut above the rest.

Many people know about Sativa and Indica – the two primary varieties of cannabis and hemp flowers that are similar but differ slightly in effects. There are also a bunch of different ways to take cannabis and hemp these days, other than smoking joints or pipes in the form of combustion. Lately, extracts are making headlines, among them CBD terpsolate which is under our spotlight today.

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Many people who use cannabis or hemp, either medically or recreationally, choose to take it in edible form. Others prefer to vape it in dry flower vaporizers, while some opt for specially formulated E-juice which is also fit for the purpose. But those who want to take things to the next level opt for CBD terpsolates.

Terpsolates might sound a bit intimidating as the name seems so scientific, but they are not. A Terpsolate is simply a CBD isolate which has specific Terpenes from the cannabis or hemp plant reintroduced and mixed with it. This means the user enjoys the unique flavor of cannabis and also benefits from the medicinal effects that CBD (short for cannabidiol) offers.

These isolates were created for people who want to feel good from cannabis but don’t want to feel high, stoned, or disoriented. Regular CBD extract, known as “full spectrum CBD oil” has the medicinal CBD inside as the name suggests but doesn’t contain the terpenes. The terpenes give flavor and a more full-bodied experience, especially when taken in the right concentrations together with CBD. 

CBD terpsolate is made by infusing an isolated CBD solution with Terpenes. Standard CBD oil, however, contains other terpenes and cannabinoids which extract naturally along with the CBD. This is an issue for some people who want only to take isolated CBD with specific terpenes and not with other cannabis compounds so Terpsolate is considered to be CBD in its purest form (with Terpenes).

CBD isolate is made by putting cannabis or hemp plants through an extraction process called supercritical CO2 extraction. This leaves out any solvents from the process and uses carbon dioxide at high temperatures for the purest method of extraction known to man. The mixture is then placed into cool oil, such as coconut or hemp seed oil before it goes through two more steps – winterization and short path distillation.

At this stage, this is full spectrum CBD Oil and not a Terpsolate. Filtration and winterization then take place, whereby the mixture is filtered to catch chemical compounds other than CBD. The final product is then “Winterized” or frozen, and then specific Terpenes can be extracted at different thawing temperatures or left in as desired by the manufacturer, which is known as short path distillation.

CBD terpsolates are in truth the purest form of CBD and Terpenes on the market. Something called the “Entourage Effect” takes place when cannabis isolates like CBD mix with specific Terpenes to offer a stronger and more satisfying experience. Essentially, Terpsolates are designed for connoisseurs or those with particular needs.

If pure CBD and Terpenes are your thing, Terpsolates are the perfect solution for you, especially if you want to be sure that zero THC is included in the mix. That’s one of the main reasons why Terpsolates are becoming more and more popular these days as people begin to realize they have a wide choice of tailor-made cannabis products at their disposal.

Always ensure that the Terpsolate you are interested in goes through the CO2 extraction process as stated above and is backed up by bonafide third-party lab test results. These test results offer customers peace of mind, safe int he knowledge that the product they’re taking is safe and fit for use. 

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The rise of Delta 8 products

Beside CBD terpsolates, there are many other cannabis extraxts making headlines lately, among them the new DELTA 8 THC, which is gaining popularity, fast! While this cannabinoid is still too new to understand completely what are its full medical benefits, it is growing in popularity on a daily basis, mainly because of the legal loophole it is based on.

It is too soon to call whether or not Delta 8 products will establish them self as the missing link between THC and CBD, but the market isn’t waiting for the regulators and many companies are already offering great deals on Delta 8 products. This leads us to the believe that these products are here to stay, at least until regulators will say otherwise.

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