BOGO Deal on Jack Herer Hemp Flower – Only $175/lbs

December is the best time to stock-up on hemp flowers, and Jack Herer is the perfect strain to buy if you are shopping for the best hemp flower deals. Currently, as part of December flower deals, you can get this tasty bud for as little as $175/lbs, a great price for these beautiful hand-picked, seedless buds.

About Jack Herer Hemp Flower

This new Jack Herer hemp strain duplicates the smells and tastes of the original renown Jack Herer cannabis flower. A distinctive tangerine smell develops from the mixture between its prominent tangy and citrus terpenes. This particular strain was developed and cultivated at 8500 ft elevation by an experienced colorado grower and breeder. Mixing sativa and indica growing characteristics the buds developed with a shapely fluffy structure – a perfect halfway point between compact indica nugs and loosely dispersed sativa nugs. This Jack Herer displays medium to light green colors among a mixture of mid- sized flowers.

All plants grew outdoors on a small two-acre farm under southern Colorado’s endlessly sunny skies. Grown with natural sustainable farming practices and no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, this material is full of healthy cannabinoids and free of heavy metals and contaminants. This beautiful example of seedless outdoor hemp flower maintained her natural trichomes through a well executed hand-harvest, slow cure / trimming process.

Jack Herer Hemp Flower - Only $175/lbs
Jack Herer Hemp Flower – Only $175/lbs

This outdoor version of Jack Herer is offered for a limited time while an even more stable indoor flower is developed. Therefore, as part of introducing this strain, it is now offered for a very attractive price of $175/lb (as part of a BOGO deal, where you can get 2 pounds for only $350).

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All the flowers and products are grown and manufactured domestically in the state of Colorado. Shipped to anywhere in the United States. Don’t miss out on this amazing holiday deal!

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