Spotlight On The UK CBD Flower Market: Where Is It Going?

High CBD hemp flowers have become incredibly popular in the UK over the last few months. Let’s look at some of the latest trends in the UK CBD flower market.

After a long time where the it was almost impossible to get high-quality products in the UK CBD flower market, several companies are now selling premium hemp lowers, very rich in terpenes, high quality cure, seedless and trim. So what’s trending right now in the UK CBD flower market?

Before diving into details, we wish to remind you that the CBD flowers market is an immature market, with many low-level products. Therefor, when buying hemp flowers, you should make sure that you are getting high-quality products, with THC levels under 0.2%, CBD levels above 8%, some CBG if possible and an adorable terpene profile. You may also read here how to choose the best hemp buds

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The UK CBD flower market is no longer a seller’s market

If you ever have tried to buy CBD hemp flowers in the UK, most chances that you couldn’t find what you were looking for. UK CBD buds market was a classical ‘Seller’s Market‘, where due to low supply, there was always a shortage of goods available for sale, resulting in high prices and “out of stock” signs everywhere.

This is no longer the case, and the UK is starting to be flooded with recreational CBD products, starting from high-cbd hemp flowers, legal CBD hash, CBD e-liquids, CBD isolates, CBD edibles and more.. As a result, people searching for CBD buds have plenty of options of products to choose from.

A great example for that is the Austrian Redwood Kush flower. CBDnol, the distributor of these flowers have made a special effort of fully translating their website to English, to make it possible for UK clients to buy flowers online.

Redwood Kush Indoor Hemp Flower
Austrian Redwood Kush Indoor Hemp Flower (CBDNol)

The price of UK CBD buds is dropping

Until recently, the hemp flowers coming from Austria, were cheaper than the ones sold in the UK. Starting August the price of UK hemp flowers has dropped and now there is no real reason to get your CBD flowers from Austria, other than if you are looking for a specific strain, still unavailable in the UK.

Mango Haze is a great example for the new affordable high quality CBD flowers in the UK.

With over 12% CBD, this low-cost CBD flower, is suitable for anyone on a budget, since after the latest discount, you can now get it for £9/gr. Exactly the same price as flowers coming from Austria.

Mango Haze hemp flower. Great low cost UK CBD flowers.
Mango Haze hemp flower. Great low-cost CBD bud (HempElf)

Premium flowers are now everywhere

Moving from a seller’s market to a buyer’s one, we can always see a rise in the quality of the products. The same phenomena is happening in the UK CBD buds market, and premium hemp flowers are everywhere! Each CBD shop, online or offline that offers hemp flowers is now having few premium hemp buds, with CBD levels above 10% and a products that receive very positive clients reviews.

The Amnesia premium hemp flower is a good example for this category.

Amnesia is one of Europe’s most popular premium CBD Flowers. With up to 13% CBD this is a solid choice when you need a premium hemp flower to smoke or vape. Amnesia has large CBD buds and flowers, incredibly potent smell and flavor, and frosted with trichomes, as required from a premium product.

Amnesia Premium UK CBD buds.
Amnesia Premium CBD Flower (HempElf)

More and more clients are becoming returning costumers

When the number of clients becoming returning costumers is constantly growing, you know you are doing something right, your product is a good one, or both. When the market is flooded with premium products and the price is dropping, the life of the clients is becoming easier and once they have found a good supplier, or a product they love, they will return for more. This is not going to change anytime soon and the UK is predicted to become one of the leading CBD flowers market in the world, as long as regulations won’t stop it.

Regulations is still an unknown

The future of the UK CBD buds is in the hands of the regulators, since the law has not been written yet… While some believe this products to be legal, other thinks the opposite, and the debate continues. This will not change any time soon, and no one can predict who will win the legal battlefield, when it happens, probably somewhere in 2020 or later.

Until then, the new buzz word is “processed”, as a magical term that using it makes any illegal product to instantly become legal…

Payment is still a major problem

While in many areas the CBD flowers market have made big progress, the problem of payment is still blocking it from reaching its full potential. It is still almost possible, for companies selling CBD buds online, to find a reliable payment solution that will allow their clients to use credit cards. Only a hand few of suppliers have managed to solve this problem, while the rest are using “Direct bank deposit” for payment, which is a poor way to handle small payments (I believe that using direct bank deposit, instead of CC will result in 300% rise in your uncompleted transactions).

Other suppliers are counting on Paypal, which is another known mistake, since Paypal is not supporting the CBD industry, and constantly cancelling accounts of companies selling CBD products. In fact, when seeing a CBD shop using paypal, you can safely assume that they are only operating for a few months, and soon will have to look for a reliable alternative…

Gold diggers are entering the game

The last thing to pay close attention to, is the number of gold diggers, trying to capitalize from the new green rush. People with no prior experience and no clue whats so ever about what is CBD, what is it good for and what to do if you want to open a legal weed shop are stocking products. Only later they realize that in order to sell CBD you need both knowledge and experience, or you will most likely lose money and break the law at the same time…

In a market moving so fast, people who have started only a year ago are now “experienced” and those who entered the game before are already running their own successful brands. However, the game has just began, and if you are willing to do your homework, hire the best and learn from the experts, you might still have a chance to make money.


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